A brand, simply put, is the relationship between you and those around you. You earn it through your values and conduct. Its end-result is building of relationships, real and perceived, with people your enterprise reaches.

Start thinking of your business as if it were a person...

LOGO: The public face of your business is your logo.
It is a visual shorthand (an image) that others can use to quickly recognize your business. And like a face, it is usually viewed as likable or not.  When evaluating potential logos—ask yourself will it help people remember you (your brand). Remember, that graphic that appears on everything that relates to your business visually reminds people visually who you are.

IDENTITY: Your appearance becomes your identity.
Even with a likable face, how you appear, neat, slovenly, dirty, clean—all contribute to your identity. So be consistent—in use of fonts, colors, and style throughout all you do and you will appear both organized and memorable. Build on your logo—or more accurately, build a logo that builds upon and compliments how you wish to appear. And be original—create a look and style that sets you apart from your competition.

BRAND: Your company's personality generates what will become its brand.
A brand is who you are. It is the “personality” that that the world sees in you, and it includes all the interactions you have with the world (and not just with your customers). Through your words, services or products—you shape others' perceptions and judgments about you.

So what works in branding your enterprise?
Be you. Authenticity—when shaping a brand, builds on the real strengths and passions of your business.

Become relatable—your company personality should be empathetic to and complimentary toward your clients/customers.

Be consistent—because consistency makes or breaks a brand by communicating a sense of how well your enterprise actually works.